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Over Target
UHD Film

UHD Film is a clear PET film. UHD Film is a matched component to A-L-P. UHD Film accepts thermal printing and Laser printing.

UHD-0110 520mm x 110mm x 3mm, (R10)
UHD-0120 520mm x 120mm x 3mm, (R10)
UHD-0135 535mm x 135mm x 3mm, (R10)
UHD-0150 530mm x 150mm x 3mm, (R10)
UHD-0175 330mm x 175mm x 3mm, (R10)
UHD-0187 381mm x 187mm x 3mm, (R10)
UHD-0178 483mm x 178mm x 3mm, (R10)
UHD-0178M 235mm x 178mm x 3mm, (R10)